Raise money with full transparency

We do the paper work so you can focus on your mission.

Whether you’re a mutual aid group, a community initiative, an open-source software project, or a climate change activist, Open Collective helps groups unlock access to money.

Over 15,00 group around the world raised and managed USD $35M last year

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Fiscal hosting

Operate under the umbrella of an established legal entity, so you don’t have to incorporate your own. A Host can take care of accounting, taxes, banking, and non-profit status.

Shared account

Manage your budget together. Transparency builds trust and accountability, and no individual has to take on all the responsibility.

Powerful money tools

Pay expenses, receive donations, manage grants, sell event tickets, get a virtual card linked to your balance, and more!

Open Collective is

…an open finances platform for communities.

And a network of fiscal hosts that enable over 15,000 collectives around the world to spend and raise $35M a year.

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US United States

Open Collective foundation

A US 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity with a broad mission covering most charitable activities in the United States.

US United States

Open Source Collective

A US 501(c)(6) non profit entity serving as fiscal host to open source projects and related communities around the world.

EU Europe

Open Collective Europe

A Brussels-based nonprofit hosting group across Europe, including open source projects and community social actions

NZ New Zealand

Open Collective NZ

Offering kiwi impact projects fundholding options through a charity or a company structure

GB United Kingdom

Social Change Nest

A UK host for mutual aid groups and social movements, providing tools, strategy and back office support to scale up and get on changing the world

EU Europe

All for climate

Dedicate to movements for climate and social justice, host to many local Extinction Rebellion chapters and related communities

Collaborate with money

A shared account to fundraise and manage money, connect with your people, and more.


Accept funds, transfer money, pay people and create invoices.


Publicly display your budget and transactions to build trust from contributors and donors.

Community engagement

Post updates, create events, connect your website, or use your Open Collective page with your custom url.


No more messy spreadsheets. Open Collective updates live to make reporting easy. Auditors and grantmakers love us!


No need to balance your checkbook. It’s all accessible here on the platform.

We are a dedicated team of people working to spread power and wealth

Open Collective is made possible by an international team of people who are committed to community-control of technology. Connect with us.

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Join us as we transition from a privately owned company to a structure that allows us to share power and revenue with you

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